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Former Bikini Model Named Highest Paid Actress

Today CNN announced that Modern Family star Sophia Vergara is the highest paid actress on television, with estimated earnings of $19 million between May 2011 and May 2012. Just to put this in perspective, in 2006 Sophia was romping around as a sexy stewardess in Soul Plane, doing the raunchiest of jokes, largely
centered on her sexuality. She’s been in exclusive pictorials for Maxim, Stuff and FHM magazine at least a half dozen times. In short, Sophia used to be a bikini model (the more mainstream equivalent of an urban model).

I realize there are some difference between the mainstream opportunities for a Eurocentric sex kitten and a black one, but still… This would indicated the theory that taking sexy photos will kill any chance at a valid Hollywood career is grossly flawed. As further, support just look at who came in number 2 on Forbes list of highest paid TV actresses: none other than the interracial sex tape queen herself, Kim Kardashian, who took in $18 million in that same period.

The fact is, glamour modeling can be used as a launching pad to a bigger career, you just have to have some talent beyond looking good.


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