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Vanessa Veasley - KING Magazine Winter 2011

This was one of my favorite spreads from this issue of KING magazine. As some of you know, Vanessa Veasley gave a great interview previously on my blog in which she prognosticated about the future of urban modeling, stating (in response to whether urban modeling was dead): "There is no industry. There are urban models, urban mags, urban music, and events, but we have totally lost the small industrious nature of it we were slowly cultivating in the early '00s. ¶ I don't think it will ever recover. Models are being replaced by strippers who don't need the money and beautiful, insecure women who shoot mags only to validate themselves. Any dude with a camera is now a photographer; any dude that can code has an online magazine. Music videos have no budgets and no one watches them anyway. It's a circus." I always thought that was a pretty dead on assessment of the current state of affairs in "the business." Gotta love it: beauty and brains.


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